My mother introduced me to yoga one night in 2006 through a deep breathing practice. The peace I found in that moment inspired a curiosity that could only be satisfied with the practice of yoga. Soon after, I began to study Ashtanga Yoga. At the time, I was an aspiring Brazilian Jujitsu practitioner. Since then I have earned seven national titles and three world championship medals.

In 2009, I began to study with Tim Miller and completing his First Series Teacher Certification Training that year and the Second Series Teacher Certification Training in 2010. About the same time, I met a Shiv Tantric meditation master Yogi Shivraj and have been practicing meditation with him ever since.

In 2010, I opened The Power of Yoga studio in Brawley and taught there until moving to San Diego to be closer to my teacher. I have also taught numerous seminars in the Imperial Valley and in studios in various locations in Mexico.

In 2016 I wrote my first book titled, “Ancient Wisdom for Modern Enlightenment”, and look forward to publishing in 2017. The book covers how to live spiritually in contemporary society, basic yoga philosophy, and the concept of modern enlightenment.

Yoga continues to inspire me. Every breath, every movement is a devotional step closer to the divine, a step closer to one’s true self.

My hope is that those who come to my classes, read my book, and hear the podast. find whatever it is they are looking for be it extending their physical capacity, gaining mental clarity or heightening a spiritual connection.


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