#35 Questions from Source with Ty the Spirit Messenger


Ty the Spirit Messenger interviews our host Jayson. This conversation is a follow up from our last podcast. Ty channeled several questions from Source for Jayson to answer for the audience. In this unique, deep-diving conversation, Ty and Jayson cover a plethora of spiritual topics. They shared their vision to create Heaven on Earth and offered practical tools to experience that reality. In this podcast we coverd:

-How Jayson started yoga.

-Why are there so many different styles of yoga?

-What is happening with Jayson's new book No Mud No Lotus?

-The concept of suffering as a blessing.

-Staying grounded when you travel.

-The importancec of consistency in a spiritual practice.

-The difference between motivation and inspiration.

-Defining and honoring your values.

-Jayson shares many insights about the philosophy behind yoga.

-Writing as a spiritual practice.

-The next generation of spiritual teachers, the indigo children.

-Overcoming the ego.

-How to protect your energy when helping others?

-The dynamic of a student/teacher relationship.

-What is equanimity?

-What is enlightenment?


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