#19 Awakening your Kundalini energy and transforming the world with Guru Kirin Khalsa

November 21, 2017

Guru Kirin studied directly with Yogi Bhajan. She is a world authority on kundalini yoga, numerology, and tantric practices. She is an intuitive love coach. She is a teachers teacher with a lifetime of experience.

Guru Kirin spoke about the shift from the Picean to the Aquarian age. She explains what this means and what we can individually do to create Heaven on Earth. Guru Kirin explained how breathing practices are the starting point for all spiritual practices and gave us a few techniques. She demystified the ancient practice of kundalini yoga by explaining its origin, breathing techniques, how mantras work, and what the kriyas are. Her soul mission in life is to help people realize their own divinity and how she works to accomplish this mission. We heard her personal stories and experiences with Yogi Bhajan. She taught us about numerology and explained the difference between white, pink, and red tantra. She also spoke about accessing the akashic records understanding the signifigance of our past lives.

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Connect with her at : gurukirinkaur@gmail.com, facebook: Kirin Khalsa

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