#26 Awakening to the 5th Dimension


Jayson and Ranee demystify the 5th dimension and share practical tools that will allow you to experience Heaven on Earth! They introduce their recently channeled message of the 7 realities of the 5th dimension. The podcast ends with a powerful guided meditation teaching you how to tune into the Earth’s grid.

7 Realities of Awakening to the 5th dimension:
#1 Reality of Source - You are the source of pure consciousness. Everything else was just an illusion that’s no longer serves you in the 5th dimension.
#2 Reality of Abundance - The infinite universe is in you. You create the reality you choose to experience.
#3 Reality of Love - Karma no longer exists. All energy and every emotion is entirely based in love. Now we just choose to see it that way. Compassion to yourself and others creates grace.
#4 Reality of Being - All you have to do is be. All you are here to do is be you.
#5 Reality of Oneness - You have everything because you are everything.
#6 Reality of the Present Moment - You are here now. Past and future do not exist. All there ever is and ever will be is this sacred moment.
#7 Reality of Metamorphosis - Like the butterfly, you have come out of your cocoon and completed your personal transformation. You recognize your own divinity.

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