#38 Self-Healing through Reiki with Manny Falcon Padua


Manny is a Reiki Master based in Southern California. He works with energy and teaches Reiki. He uses Reiki to support different struggling communities in Los Angeles. Manuel has a passion for teaching self-love and self-healing for all ages with a special emphasis toward youth. In this podcast we covered:

-The importance of being grounded

-How to check if you are grounded

-Grounding meditation

-Understanding energy for beginners

-Using tapping to heighten awareness

-How to heighten your sensitivity to energy and tune in to Universal Consciousness

-Vipassana meditation

-Using crystals for energy healing

-Meditation and reiki

-5 Reiki principals: I am love, I am truth, I am trust, I am compassion, I am gratitude

-Observing relationship patters to heal and develop self-love

-Tools to practice greater self-love

-The importance of self-care for social workers



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