#36 Embarking on the Money Medicine Journey with Imani Mamalution


Imani Mamalution is a visionary mamapreneur and master alchemist at funnel alchemy dedicated to reuniting the high-vibe tribe. She helps visionaries, spiritual teachers, and conscious businesses through her abundance program, The Money Medicine Journey. You will probably listen to this episode over and over again. We covered:


-What is money medicine?

-How to redefine your understanding of money and use it to achieve your purpose.

-The process of making money can become a spiritual practice (this will blow your mind)!

- How maintaining your values keeps you in alignment with purpose.

-What is funnel alchemy?

-Evolving our perception of abundance beyond a scarcity mindset to infinite well-being

-The difference between being rich and wealthy.

-Imani shares her meditation practice and explains the money medicine journey.

-How collaboration in the conscious community is changing the world.


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