#34 Learning to Channel with Ty the Spirit Messenger


A big skeptic prior to 2012, where Ty Gayton underwent a huge transformation and spiritual awakening. Going from addict to Spirit Messenger in a few short months, Ty was taught primarily by her guardian angel and spirit guides how to take care and protect herself as an Empath and Medium. As a Divine Channel, Ty has had the opportunity to be the conduit and communicator for Source, Jesus, Mary, Buddha, Kwan Yin, Archangels, Joseph, Elijah and many more. These Ascended Masters and teachers have provided healing and teachings through Ty to thousands of people over the years. She is still in constant communication and connection with them. Ty recently left the field of practicing as a psychic-medium and performing readings to open the Online Spiritual Academy known as Messengers of Spirit. Now she is travelling the world offering her talents as a Spirit Guided Coach where she supports others in their transformations with the combination of teaching, healing, and guidance. 

In this extraordinary podcast we discussed:

-Teaching people to use their intuition instead of doing the work for them.

-What is intuition?

-Can everyone channel and how to recognize your own unique ability.

-Developing your ability to channel.

-How to heal others energetically.

-How to protect your own energy when healing others or going into low energy areas.

-Who are the Ascended Masters and how to channel them?

-Who are Archangels and how to I connect with them?

-How to channel source directly.

-Improving communication by listening.

-Ty channels a message directly for Jayson from an Ascended Master

-Ty channels a message for you and all humanity directly from Source.


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Find out more about Ty here:

www.tythespiritmessenger.com or https://www.patreon.com/TytheSpiritMessenger



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