#33 The Soterian Movement with Erez Ascher


Erez Ascher is a thought leader based out of Santa Monica California. He is the founder of the Soterian Movement which is a social movement designed to save the world for future generations. He is the author of “Actual Understanding”. In this podcast we discuss:

-This history of humanity.

-What is the Soterian Movement and how it will save the planet?

-Soter and Soteria: the masculine and feminine forms of salvation

-Explaining the money system and actual value.

-Working with industrialization to save the world.

-True profit vs. false profit.

-What is wellness

-5 concepts of reality to save our world

-The polarity of truth and illusion

-Incentivizing corporations to enact change

-Using the Soterian Seal

-Permanence vs. Impermanence


Find out more about Erez ar www.soterian.world

This podcast is also available on itunes at


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