#32 Raising Your Vibration with Jayson Barniske


Have you ever been around someone who is such a vibe person they light up an entire room when they walk in. In this episode of the Spiritually Inspired Podcast, Jayson explains the science behind vibration, and shares several valuable tools to help you raise your vibe. He talks about raising consciousness from different traditions and shares quotes from many different spiritual masters that will inspire and give you guidance. In this podcast we cover:

-The science of vibration.

-What is frequency?

-The characteristics of low, mid, and high-frequency people.

-Osho’s teaching of energy and how to transform it.

-Buddha’s teaching on transforming our lives with the power of thought.

-The 4 mental nutriments.

-Using yoga to raise your vibe.

-Explaining the 8 limbs of yoga.

-What is enlightenment and how you can attain it.

-Practical tools to raise your vibration.

-Why is meditation so important to raise your vibe.


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