#30 The Source of Happiness (part 2) with Jayson Barniske


In part 2 of Finding the Source of Happiness, Jayson goes beyond defining the meaning and teaches you how to experience the deepest and most fulling happiness possible. Happiness comes from finding and living our purpose. In this podcast you will learn to identify your unique purpose and the tools to remain aligned with it. Jayson shares insights about where our world is headed and your role in guiding the transformation. The podcast ends with a powerful meditation with water. This episode covers:


-How can you experience the greatest levels of happiness in life

-The connection between living our purpose and happiness

-What is my inner and outer purpose

-What is my minor and major purpose

-What is my individual and collective purpose

-Predictions for the future regarding economics, resources, and spiritual evolution

-The third industrial revolution

-Recognizing your role in the upcoming transformation of the planet

-Learn a powerful meditation working with water

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