#27 Raising Consciousness Through Community With Robert Quicksilver

The Conscious Life Expo is a unique event that brings together hundreds of renowned teachers, energy healers, speakers, and everything else you can think of that raises consciousness. We had a though-provoking conversation with Robert Quicksilver, the producer of the expo. He shared some powerful gems of wisdom gained from over 16 years of experience creating the event.
- How community gatherings help to raise consciousness.
- What is the Conscious Life Expo, and what inspired its creation?
- Hear some of Jayson’s life-changing experiences from attending past conscious life expo’s?
- Who are the most exciting speakers at this Expo?
- Tips for creating successful events to raise consciousness.
- How all spiritual paths are connection and benefit each other.
- How has social media affected consciousness and people on the spiritual path?
- How to make each moment a spiritual practice.
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