#25 Becoming a Modern Mystic with Indy Rishi Singh

Indy teaches the science of laughter yoga. He has a unique, out-of-the-box approach to inspire change in the world. He works around the world with the Yoga 4 Change organization and and is also creating an interactive astrology virtual reality game. In this podcast we covered:

-What is a modern mystic and how you can become one?

-Making spirituality accessable by combining ancient practices and modern science.

-The science behind laughter yoga.

-Indy shared a laughter yoga technique you can use at home. 

-The difference between pain and discomfort in regards to personal growth.

-Creating change in the world by teaching yoga.

-How virtual reality and gamification can be used to inspire people to practice meditation and be more empathetic.

-Indy shared a technique to take our meditation practice into the world and effect major change.

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