#24 Heal Yourself and Change the World with Reiki. Guest Speaker - Yolanda Williams

January 4, 2018
Yolanda Williams is a reiki master who practices in San Diego and also preforms long-distance healing. She  has studied six different types of reiki. Yolanda teaches classes and leads online courses certifying students in Reiki. She hosts the Reiki Radio Podcast. In this podcast we covered:
-What is Reiki?
-The history of Reiki.
-What are the different styles of Reiki?
-How has Reiki been westernized?
-How is Reiki preformed?
-Everyone has the ability to do Reiki.
-What can Reiki be used to treat?
-The symbols of Reiki and why they are so powerful.
-Long-distance Reiki.
-The connection between Reiki and meditation.
-Yolanda guides a meditation to ground yourself in the power of love.
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