#22 Unlocking Your Psychic Ability With Joe Gacoscos

December 15, 2017
Joe Gacoscos is a spiritual teacher and owner of True Insights Spiritual Healing. He is an instructor at the Intuitive Insights where he teaches students to awaken their psychic ability. He is also a radio show host on newsforthesoul.com. In our podcast with Joe we covered:
  • Who has the ability to be a psychic?
  • How to awaken and develop your psychic powers?
  • The different types of psychic abilities and which powers you have.
  • How your spiritual practice helps to unlock your psychic ability?
  • What is synchronicity and why it matters to you?
  • He shared a powerful grounding mediation that everyone can benefit from using.
  • What is the Fifth Dimension and what does it mean to us?
  • How to read people’s energy and when is it appropriate?
  • What is channeling and how you can learn to channel?
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