#20 Maximizing Your Relationship to Food with Annamaria Poluha

November 30, 2017

Annamaria Poluha is an uncoventional nutritionist with a master's degree from UCLA in nutrition with a specialty in eating disorders. She focuses on behavior modification and lifestyle to improve her cleints relationship with food. In this podcast we covered:

-Your relationship with food and how to improve it
-Eating to improve your mood
-How lab tests can be used to improve the way you eat
-The best practices to detoxify your body
-Demystifying gluten and how to recognize its effects in your life.
-Meditation and its effects on how you eat.
-Why is metabolism so important and how to increase your metabolism?
-What are prebiotics and probiotics and the best foods we can eat for good gut health.
-Determining how to get the most out of what you eat and what type of diet is best for your goals in life.

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