#21 Activating the Power of Your Mind Through Meditation with Jayson Barniske

December 7, 2017
Our host Jayson Barniske recently returned from a 10 day vipassana retreat. Vipassana is the meditation technique Gautama Buddha taught 2,500 years ago. During the retreat, Jayson took a vow of silence and did not speak for the entire 10 days while meditating for 10 hours each day! Listen to the powerful insights he took home from the experience. In this we discuss:
-The actual meditation technique Buddha taught over 2 millennia ago.
-Becoming the master of your mind.
-How to end all suffering in your life.
-The challenges that came up for Jayson during the intense retreat and how he overcame them.
-The benefits you will experience from meditation.
-How to start and improve your own personal meditation practice.
-Developing and practicing equanimity in daily life.
-How to overcome all past karma and prevent creating new karma. 
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